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The Ceol Mor Pipe Band

In Gaelic, Ceol Mor means "BIG MUSIC"

The Ceol Mor Pipe Band chose to represent an era of the mid 1700s, with their portrayal of the 78th Frasers from Great Britain, due to the Fraserís connection with American history and for preservation of this historical era and itís Scottish heritage.


Who Are the 78th Fraser Highlanders?

In 1745, Charles Edward Stuart led a campaign to put the Stuarts back on the British throne. Clan Fraser fought with Stuarts against the British army. Eventually the campaign failed, "Charlie" fled to France for safety and Nobleman Simon Fraser was executed.

Fraserís son, Simon Jr. created the 78th Fraser Highlanders to fight beside the British armies, in an attempt to regain the Royal Crownís approval. Eventually the 78th Frasers accompanied the British armies to North America to fight in the French & Indian war.

When the 78th Frasers were disbanded in 1763, many of them chose to remain in America and raise their families there.

The uniforms of the Ceol Mor Pipe Band are a traditional pipe band uniform. From the brass-buckled shoe, the broadsword with baldrick to the bonnet with black bear fur and *white cockrade, they are a copy of the uniforms worn by the 78th Fraser Highlanders in the 1760ís. The tartan (Black Watch) and the jackets are regimental with buff collar and cuffs, and a red waistcoat.

*(The white cockade that is worn on their bonnet was a Jacobite symbol and was not a part of the original British uniform)

During this time period, musicians wore the reverse colors of the soldiers. However, pipers were not considered musicians. The bagpipes were considered a weapon by law in Great Britain because of their ability to instill fear in the enemy and their ability to inspire bravery in their own soldiers. Drummers however, were considered musicians, hence, their reversed jacket colors.

The Ceol Mor Pipe Band is one of only 6 or 7 bands in the world to wear the uniforms of this time period.


The majority of the music that the band plays was written in the 18th century and the "Charlie Set", including Whoíll be a King But Charlie, The Sky Boat Song, Over The Water To Charlie & A Hundred Pipers, is played in honor of Simon Fraser.


Ceol Morís Members


Pipe Major Brent Van Norman

Pipe Sergeant Linda Sandlin

Drum Sergeant Scott Mcleod

Pipe Corporal Stephanie Yanta

Piper Charlene Williams

Piper Megan Mcleod

Piper Alex Rodriguez

Piper Sunny Nixon

Piper Bridget Cletcher

Piper Adam Toering

Piper Kevin Burns



Ceol Morís Pipe Major, Brent Van Norman is also a primary pipe instructor and offers lessons. If interested, contact him at (219) 772-3436 or send e-mail to


Both Ceol Mor Pipe Band and the All Region Regimental Guard meet at 6:30pm on Wednesdays at American Legion Post 94, in Valparaiso, and on Thursdays at 6:30 PM on American Legion Post 502 in South Haven



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